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The People We Serve
We work best with leaders who are serious about change and are willing to do the work necessary to create it. Our clients see us as partners and are open to feedback and coaching. The companies we work with are already successful and use our process to move to the next level in their success. This type of change requires the involvement of the person at the very top of the organization. This is where true organizational change starts and how it is sustained.

A Few Client Comments

"With Linda's help, we established a clear direction for Hurley by involving key people in an organizational goals program. We identified our Critical Success Factors, developed tracking methods and took steps to improve them. We also involved our people in Attainment's 'behavior change' program to increase productivity and sales. Some exciting goals have been achieved through this process. It keeps us focused, moving forward, communicating and working together as a team. With this strong foundation, we continue to do well even during the challenging times."

Bill Ewing, Chairman & CEO, Hurley Transportation Companies


"What does thirteen years of using the 'My-Tyme Goal Achiever' get you? A balanced life and consistently meeting budget. I started using the 'My-Tyme Goal Achiever' as part of Attainment's Effective Personal Productivity' program and never stopped. We consistently beat budget and in a 24/7 industry, I have a balanced Wheel of Life. The Goal Planning Sheet is one of my favorite items. You can't fail using this tool. You plan step by step what needs to be done to achieve the goal and see if it is realistic."

Jay Anderkin, General Manager, Phoenix Hilton Suites


"Attainment offers a variety of cost-effective programs-not a flash in the pan that gets people pumped up for a few days and then dies. There is accountability and follow-through, resulting in long-term behavior change and improved results."

Karen Rasmussen, President & CEO Arizona Trucking Association


"We started on a small group program with Attainment in Phoenix , but after several sessions the potential value of the process throughout our organization was obvious. Linda Tennant is an extraordinary facilitator and that made the difference in the Team Development program she presented to our group. The participants came away from their experience with new tools and ideas that have clearly made a difference in our ability to work together more effectively."

Larry Woolson, Regional Manager, System Transport Inc. & ATA Past Chairman


"Attainment made organizing my business and me a priority, a priority that had been overlooked for too long.  Simple changes in the way you do your everyday tasks can get you on track to being more efficient.  Small changes can increase your ability to concentrate on your High Payoff Activities.  Attainment showed me how to get on track."

Mike Kunde, Vice President, Doudell Trucking Company


"The training was incredibly valuable, because the group exercises showed me very clearly that I needed to make some small but important changes in departmental organization.  We had employees spending way too much time on activities that were not part of their High Payoff Activities and that prevented them from being truly effective in their jobs."

DeAnna McCann, Chief Marketing Officer, eAppraiseIT, First American Title Corporation


"The financial numbers speak for themselves as ever since my time with Linda and Attainment, Inc., my income has increased from year to year. I am now in the top 10% of dollar volume production with Realty Executive agents in Arizona, and hence, probably the top 5% of all agents nationally. Much of what Linda has taught me has been very helpful to say the least."

Mike Bodeen, Reality Executives of Phoenix


"As you know, I was apprehensive about having the staff determine our goal areas. I was concerned we would embark on goals I did not feel were a priority. However, I could not be happier with the goals we have chosen as a team. I think it was the way your process works which directed us all to the priority of goals. In addition, with all the members of our team at the retreat, we now have a 'buy-in'. I do not believe this could have been accomplished in any other way".

David Sly, President & COO, Hurley Transportation Companies


"I just have to share this story with you. During our last meeting with Linda I was very jazzed about working through Attainment's Goal Planning Sheet on a personal goal. The goal was to sell my car and get something that I felt was a better reflection of my personality and that had a much lower monthly payment. While working through the section about Potential Obstacles to Success and how I would overcome them, I realized that the main reason I hadn't gotten rid of the car before (I'd been unhappy with it since I bought it three years ago!), was that I was dreading the whole process of trying to find a private buyer.

Due to the planning process, I realized that I could give myself permission to just trade it in, even though I would get less value for the car. The amazing thing is that as soon as I was able to pinpoint the reason I hadn't done anything about the car situation and then focused on it long enough to come up with a way to overcome that obstacle, I was immediately able to move forward with accomplishing my goal!

I ended up going out last weekend and trading it in for a car I LOVE - and the payment is almost half what it was on the other car (so the tightwad in me is feeling very satisfied)!!

For me this experience was such a tangible illustration of how valuable the Goal Planning Sheets are. I had the goal of selling my car for several years and hadn't done anything about it; just having a goal wasn't sufficient. It was working through the other detailed parts of the planning sheet that made it possible for me to unlock the roadblocks and actually achieve my goal."

DeAnna McCann, Chief Marketing Officer, eAppraiseIT, First American Title Corporation


"It has been approximately one year since our Attainment classes at KBI Construction started, and I had the pleasure of meeting you and enjoying your teaching. Since then, our company has changed its name and location, but the principles you taught me remain valid and useful.

Yesterday, I had occasion to put some of the principles into practice in my Social and Cultural area. My subdivision book club was going nowhere fast! People showed up not having read the books, cancelled attendance at the last minute, and in general behaved as if they didn't care about the group or the other members. I was so frustrated that I wanted to quit. Then I remembered the Goal Planning Sheets and was amazed that although I apply the principles almost without thinking at work, I did not use them in the club.

Without going into detail, I arrived at the first meeting of the year last night with a written presentation including a photocopy of the full-year 2007 calendar and a list of proposed books (including whether they were available at the local library). The other participants were so surprised (and somewhat pleased, I think, to have the work already done for them) that they acceded to my proposals without opposition. Within the space of 45 minutes, we chose six meeting dates, selected books and locations for those dates, and decided on a procedure for discussing the books. I will let you know later in the year whether the group stayed on track.

Happy New Year, Tery, and thanks again for all your help. Thanks also to George McKinley and Greg Howard for allowing me to take the class. I still use my My-Tyme planner every day. It has saved me from forgetting something important more times than I care to tell!"

Cynthia wrote this Rap Song for her class of front-line supervisors:

Here at KBI, Riggs Plumbing and GTI
We've been feelin' good, and this is why:
Attainment's Leadership Class has made our work less hard
Both at the Ina Office and the Prince Road Yard.

The class is most inter-es-ting and fun
Here's what we've learned from Lesson One:
You can be a hard worker, and a diligent reader
But to succeed in business, you've gotta be a leader.

If you want to cut a big job, down to size,
The first thing you've gotta do is organize.

You hafta monitor your staff when you try something new,
Or they'll forget something, and embarrass you.

If the big boss has a project and says 'You're the man!'
Well that's really great, but first you gotta have a plan.

Next we'll learn about SMART goals And HPAs,
But that's a rap for another day.

Cynthia Banerjee, SelectBuild

Contact us to tell us about your goals and learn about the Executive Showcase where you can experience our Behavior Change Process risk-free.

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