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Behavior Change Programs
Attainment offers a variety of programs that are designed to get people actually doing the things that matter most to your organization.  The programs are inherently customizable to align with your organization's overall objectives.  This is not a one time training event with low retention and impact, but a process of lasting and measurable change which generates verifiable ROI.

Attainment's programs can be delivered in a variety of methods including:

  • At your Site or Off-Site
  • One-on-One or Group
  • Distance Learning (and/or Web-Based)
  • Trainer Program Certification


Assessment & Awareness Tools

  • The Achiever: Validated/legal online instrument for hiring & placement: Mental Aptitude & Personality with customizable Norms 
  • Applicant Management System: Web-based & customizable for client branding
  • Performance Management System: Computerized performance reviews & tracking
  • Organizational Needs Inventory 360
  • Development Needs Inventory with 360 Feedback

NOTE: Topic specific awareness tools are part of all development programs we offer

Strategic Planning

Individual & Team Development and Training Programs

Results Management
  • Tracking & Measurement methods/tools  (includes MyTyme tracking tools)

  • Follow-up sessions to insure lasting changes

  • Managing Behavior Change Software with 360 Feedback

  • Results Management & Tracking Software

NOTE: All our development programs have results management built in


Contact us to tell us about your goals and learn about the Executive Showcase where you can experience our Behavior Change Process risk-free.

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