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Getting Value & ROI from 
Your People Development Activities
We want to make sure that you and your organization realize lasting and measurable results from your training investment. We use the time proven LMI Behavior Change Process that aligns behavior changes to individual and organizational objectives. This greatly increases and sustains retention. After our program's conclusion, we recommend follow-up methods to keep the results alive. Many of these follow-up methods may be carried-out internally or you may choose to have our ongoing support. 

To guarantee you receive ultimate value and the results you want, we use the following seven step development approach*: 
  1. Perform a Development Needs Analysis (DNA)
  2. Project the Potential ROI
  3. Design Goals & Behavior Changes aligned with Organizational Objectives
  4. Establish Baselines & Scorecard Tracking Tools
  5. Check and Celebrate Progress
  6. Document Graduation Results & ROI Report
  7. Provide Follow-up Methods to Keep the Results Alive!

*For a more detailed explanation of these seven steps, please see the article: 
"Are you Throwing $ Down a Black Hole?" Scottsdale Airpark News

Retention of new ideas in typical training processes drops off quickly.

The LMI Behavior Change Process insures your people 
development investment is protected.

Contact us to tell us about your goals and learn about the Executive Showcase where you can experience our Behavior Change Process risk-free.

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