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February 20, 2007

Exercising Authority Effectively: The Next Step in Rick's Journey...

This Week's Highlights
Linda's Leadership Tip of the Week
Rick's Best Idea and Behavior Changes
Next Show: Improving Results Through Time Management
Progress on Rick's 'Win-Win' Goals
Linda's Leadership Tip of the Week
Are you and your managers comfortable with the authority of your leadership position? Here are some signs that more leadership development or coaching may be needed: The manager isn't holding some or all team members accountable. The manager or team 'works around' an employee who isn't doing his or her job.  The manager is being too hard on employees and using the power of the position rather than coaching and inspiring.  Employees are told: "we need to do this because top management wants it done" rather than the leader taking personal responsibility. 
These are beliefs and habits that can be changed with the right kind of development and coaching program.

Rick's Best Idea and Behavior Changes

Best Idea: Take a Positive Approach with Discipline. Rick apologized to an employee for sending an e-mail when he was upset; the employee also apologized. This opened the door to a good discussion and the employee offering to take ownership of the problem.

Rick is beginning to approach the day's 'To Do List' in priority order; this is reducing frustration.  He is learning to try to control only what is controllable. 

Rick is learning to pick his battles; not everything has the same emphasis.

Next Show: Improving Results Through Time Management
Listen tonight as we discuss: Improving Results Through Time Management.

Listen Live Tonight at approximately 7:35 PM via Radio 1310KXAM or listen live on the Internet. 

To listen to last week's show or previous shows, click the link and select the desired show.  Fast forward to the ten minute 'Attainment with Attitude' segment which is about halfway through hour one.
Listen and get ideas for your own successful journey!

Linda and Tery Tennant
Attainment, Inc.

Rick Duncan Pre Show
Rick Duncan, President Duncan & Son, Lines

Progress on Rick's 'Win-   Win' Goals
  1. Increase Sales $3,000,000 by 12/31/07.
    Rick met with Sales Manager to update the sales Goal Planning Sheet.  They are laying the foundation for the new salesperson: working on job description and High Payoff Activities, identifying target accounts, mapping the territory, establishing compensation,  developing MBOs and setting up weekly tracking. Next Steps: Break annual sales goal into monthly goal; begin training new salesperson. Develop Goal Planning Sheet to increase existing customer sales. 
  2. Develop a More Cohesive Management Team that Works Together to Achieve Common Goals.
    Rick met the target date to  ask his managers to resolve issues together rather than bringing them to him. Next Step: Gain feedback from management team; provide positive and coaching feedback as they develop the habit.  Establish a time frame and method to communicate and gain buy-in on the recently developed company values.
  3. Use the Ideas Learned in the Program to Develop Employee Potential.
    Rick says the employee is already beginning to increase ownership of his area of responsibility. Everyone is pleased with the results so far.   Next Step: Meet with the employee and his manager to finalize High Payoff Activities, establish a Scorecard; identify what else employee needs to perform effectively.
    Click here for more information on Duncan & Son Lines, Inc.

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