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Improving People Performance With Measurable Results

December 14, 2007


How do you Get your People Focused on what's Important in 2008?


Keeping people focused on what matters most can be a challenge.  Here are a few things you can do to ensure this happens in your organization.


1. Make sure everyone knows the top six activities where they should spend 80% of their time. We call these High Payoff Activities.  Ensure these support the overall company goals.


2. Remove obstacles that get in the way of the team reaching their goals. These can be obstacles within the person such as lack of planning or within the environment such as lack of written procedures.


3. Identify what keeps the team from spending time in their High Payoff Activities.  What can be eliminated, delegated or streamlined?  Schedule follow-ups to monitor and celebrate progress.


4. Have a system to schedule in High Payoff Activities. An effective system (either paper or electronic) provides one place to track goals and schedule time to work on priorities.  Remember, what gets scheduled, gets done.


5. Evaluate your employees' ability to perform each High Payoff Activity. Provide training and coaching to increase skills.


Start the year right: identify High Payoff Activities, remove obstacles, get a scheduling system and develop your people.


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Client in the News


Listen to Rick Duncan, CEO of Duncan & Son Lines, give a radio update about how his team is improving driver productivity and increasing sales by focusing on

High Payoff Activities.



Click here to listen to the 15 minute interview.


Client Words of Wisdom


"Simple changes in the way you do your everyday tasks can get you on track to being more efficient.  Small changes can increase your ability to concentrate on your High Payoff Activities."  


Mike Kunde, VP Doudell Trucking


"We had employees spending way too much time on activities that were not part of their High Payoff Activities and that prevented them from being truly effective in their jobs." 


DeAnna McCann, Chief Marketing Officer, eAppraiseIT


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