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April 10, 2008




Is Your Day One Big Interruption?


A recent study concluded that the average employee has a little over three minutes between interruptions! That translates to over 150 interruptions a day. These come from e-mails, phone calls, voice mails, people stopping by, and other sources.


Cost of Interruptions

When an interruption occurs, it's not just the time we spend on the interruption that costs us, it's the time we need to refocus afterwards. Constant interruptions drain creativity, disrupt good ideas and cause us to lose focus. What's causing your interruptions?



When working on an important project, do you get distracted with an incoming e-mail and hours later haven't returned to that important project? Do you jump up to find the answer to some non-urgent question? When working on a task, does something else on your desk catch your eye and you feel the urge to do something with it? These self-interruptions hinder productivity.


Interruptions From Others

Are you answering the same questions from several people? Do you get interrupted to put out fires? Are you making decisions that others could and should make? Do others stop by to socialize for long periods of time?


Eliminate, Delegate or Consolidate Interruptions

         Develop written procedures and answers to frequently asked questions.

         Address the cause of fires rather than the symptom.

         Keep a list for each team member for non-urgent items.

         Meet weekly or daily with team members to review list items & update on goals.

         Establish a calm space to work on projects. Close your office door. 

         Send your phone to voice mail for an hour or two. Advise others ahead of time.

         Set your priorities for the day first - before looking at e-mail.

         Turn off the new e-mail indicator. Schedule specific times to handle it.

Remember, it's not just your time you'll save; it's the other person's time too. By

implementing these ideas, most people can free up at least hour a day, which

translates to a whole month! What could you and your team do with that extra time?



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